21 Sep 2022

IJMR Call for Special Issue Proposals

Call for Special Issue Proposals

Submission Deadline: 30th November 2022

We would like to invite proposals for a special issue of the International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR). The special issue will be published in 2025 and we anticipate that the Call for Papers will identify a specific topic or discipline, and a range of themes that might be addressed within that area. Recent examples of special issues include: ‘The Management and Organisation of Philanthropy: New Directions and Contested Undercurrents’ guest edited by Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Jenny Harrow, John A. Healy and Filip Wijkström, (July 2021), ‘Organisation and Management Paradoxes’ guest edited by Adam Lindgreen and François Maon (April 2019) and ‘Towards a Theoretical Foundation for Performance Measurement and Management’ guest edited by Umit Bititci, Michael Bourne, Jennifer Cross, Sai Nudurupati and Kate Sang (July 2018).

In line with the IJMR publication criteria, all papers included in the special issue should make a significant and novel conceptual contribution (Breslin, Gatrell and Bailey, 2020; Gatrell and Breslin, 2017) and all contributions should be grounded in a thorough and critical review of the literature (Jones and Gatrell, 2014). In addition, we are looking for special issues that will contribute to the journal’s strategic aim of enhancing its reach, relevance and reputation (Breslin, Callahan and Iszatt-White, 2021) as the leading international literature review journal in organization and management studies, open to a wide range of authors, disciplines and methodologies and serving a global readership. All proposals should focus on key topics related to management and organization studies that are broad enough to attract a wide range of contributors and sufficient number of submissions. Topical areas may include, for example, Entrepreneurship, HRM, OB, International Business, Strategic Management, Operations Management, Management Sciences, Information Systems & Technology Management, Accounting & Finance, and Marketing. The special issue offers a unique opportunity to set out new strategic directions for research in the topic and shape future conceptualizations in the discipline. In particular, the journal welcomes proposals that seek to challenge and shift paradigms in a manner which is both engaging and convincing and promotes contributions which have an interdisciplinary reach.

All proposals will be evaluated by members of the editorial board and judged according to the quality of the likely contributions, the guest editorial team, and the potential for the special issue to enhance international reputation of IJMR. We are looking for an experienced and diverse guest editorial team who reflect the international readership of the journal. The guest editorial team will be joined by a subject specialist from the IJMR editorial team who will work closely with them throughout the entire process. As in the case of manuscripts submitted to general issues of the journal, the final decision regarding acceptance rests with the Editors-in-Chief. Guest editors may not author papers included in the special issue themselves (excluding the issue introduction).

The responsibilities of guest editors include handling all submissions, communicating with authors, inviting reviewers and making recommendations on each article using ScholarOne Manuscripts. The special issue should adhere to the usual IJMR criteria for handling papers, including standards of correspondence, turnaround times and the peer review process.

Proposals should contain the following information:

  1. Justification for the special issue.
  2. Explanation of how the special issue fits with the aims and ethos of IJMR.
  3. Brief introduction to the guest editors and their previous editorial experience as well as standing in the field.
  4. Explanation of plans to disseminate the call to as wide an audience as possible to ensure sufficient submissions.
  5. A project plan setting out target dates.

The deadline for proposals is 30th November 2022 and a decision will be made by 1st January 2023. Proposals should be emailed to [email protected] and be no more than four pages in length.

Dermot Breslin, Marian Iszatt-White and Jamie Callahan




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