28 Mar 2022

InSPiR2eS Global Pitching Research Competition (IGPRC) - deadline approaching

We are pleased to announce the official launch of a Pitching Research competition in the global arena under the brand name of “InSPiR2eS Global Pitching Research Competition (IGPRC)”.  With generous support across a wide variety of sponsors, most notably our Platinum sponsors, Bond University and Elsevier; IGPRC has a prize pool of $AUD40,000, including $AUD 10,000 for the overall competition winner. 

The deadline for the final submission of entries is 18 April 2022. The “gala” online Grand Final will be held in May 2022. 

The UK level competition is coordinated by Professor Charlie Cai and Profess Jia Liu.  Please share this information with PhD and ECR in your University.  It is open to all disciplines of social sciences.  if you are academic and interested in helping in this competition. Please email to Prof. Cai: [email protected]. 

InSPiR2eS is a global research network primarily aimed at research training and capacity building, resting on a foundation theme of responsible science. 

You can join the InSPiR2eS network, learn and create pitching documents for your research and for submission to the competition on this website: 


Here is a three-minute short video about the key building block of the network: the pitching research framework. 

Pitching Research Framework - YouTube