29 Oct 2020

NEW Becoming a Research Oriented Professor certificated Mid-Career Development Programme

We would like to make you aware of our recently launched 'Becoming a Research-Oriented Professorcertified programme. The programme is designed to offer support and guidance for members of our community at mid-career stage, for whom Research is a core element. It speaks to Sections A2, D2 and E2 of the BAM Framework. Upon completion of theBecoming a Research-Oriented Professor" programme, you will receive a certificate of attendance. 


  1. To provide targeted support for mid-career academics who wish to progress to a leadership/ management role in research knowledge and intellectual growth (A2, D2 and E2 of the BAM Framework)
  2.  To offer insight and guidance on writing for publication strategies, including generating impact from published work.  Topics include: crafting your research identity; building your publication pipeline and providing effective and humane leadership in your field.
  3. To offer a platform for sharing best practice in generating research funding, including where to target, how to craft your bid, leading others and networking, delivering your research project.
  4. To share and draw out best practice in leading and managing others, achieving success, and research/ intellectual growth

This programme includes three interactive sessions at monthly intervals, beginning in early November, on the following topics:

  • Session 1: The Career Journey
  • Session 2: Researching, Writing and Publishing
  • Session 3: Research Funding

More information on the programme can be found here