26 Jul 2022

New ‘We Society’ podcast series

The Academy of Social Sciences is producing a new podcast series – ‘We Society’ - of interviews between its President, Will Hutton, with leading thinkers in social sciences – including BAM’s very own founding President, Professor Sir Cary Cooper on the need for a new approach to work and workplace culture.

The We Society podcast series can be found here: https://audioboom.com/posts/8091685-introducing-the-we-society.

Other interviews in this first season are:

2. Hilary Clinton, former US Secretary of State and 2016 Presidential candidate

3. Professor Sir Ian Diamond, head of the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) on public data

4. Professor Kate Pickett, author of The Spirit Level and Professor of Epidemiology at York University on unequal societies

5. Professor Gary Younge, journalist and Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester, on identity politics, America and his return to academe.

6. Professor Mariana Mazzucato of UCL on reshaping the public sector for everyone’s benefit; 7. Professor Michael Bradshaw of Warwick University on faltering energy markets and what might be on the horizon.