18 Nov 2021

Publication of a special issue of the Journal of Strategy and Management - Effect of Covid 19 on Future Trends

“We are pleased to report the publication of a special issue of the Journal of Strategy and Management exploring the managerial and strategic implications of COVID-19 and the attempts to address this pandemic. The issue contains the following (in alphabetical order by the first author: 1)  “Strategy in the Time of Pandemics, Climate Change, and the Kurzweil Singularity,” by John CamillusShoba Ramanadhan, and Krishnan Ganapathy; 2) “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the COVID-19 pandemic: organizational and managerial implications” by Archie B. Carroll; 3) “Strategic transformation to sustilience: learning from COVID-19”, by John Grant and Thomas Wunder; 4) “How innovations in strategy have picked up with COVID-19” by Peter Lorange; and 5) “Navigating the digital revolution and crisis times: humanitarian and innovation-inspired leadership through the pandemic” by Kathleen Marshall Park.  These papers are preceded by an introductory and synthesizing article, “Toward a strategic approach to studying the COVID-19 pandemic” authored by the editors of the special issue (Vadake Narayanan, Richard E. Wokutch, Abby Ghobadian, and Nicholas O'Regan).  This special issue and the articles within it are available for free (at least until the end of 2021) at the following link:   https://www.emerald.com/insight/publication/issn/1755-425X/vol/14/iss/3