27 Jun 2022

Review of Corporate Finance Special Issue on Sustainable and climate finance

Review of Corporate Finance Special Issue

  Sustainable and climate finance


Sustainability and climate finance are increasingly receiving attention. Considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) problems throughout the investment process leads to increased long-term investments in sustainable economic activities, and projects that correspond with the SDGs to expand benefits beyond investors to reach whole communities. This special issue takes a corporate finance perspective to encompass the perspective “inside the firm”, and to broaden the capital market and investors' systemic standpoint.

Potential topics

Topics that the guest editors welcome are the following (but not limited to):

Inside the firm:

  • The impact of global warming on firm/industry cash flows
  • Selecting projects that benefit the environment and society
  • Valuation of sustainable investments
  • Restructuring and M&A “sustainable” deals
  • Exiting the unsustainable assets
  • Financing the transition from brown to green sectors
  • Green bonds as a sustainable source of finance
  • Climate change challenges and corporate governance
  • Climate change challenges and employee policy

From corporate finance to capital markets:

  • Climate finance: risk factors and market pricing
  • ESG investment strategies: active and passive
  • Financial markets implications of the twin digital and green transitions
  • Institutional investors and climate finance

From capital markets to investors (systemic perspective):

  • Effectiveness of climate finance
  • Policy reforms for green finance
  • Social impact investing
  • Inclusive finance

Guest Editors

Monica Billio, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

[email protected]

Maurizio Murgia, Free University of Bozen

[email protected]

Silvio Vismara, University of Bergamo, Italy

[email protected]

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Submissions to the special issue should be sent electronically to [email protected] before January 31, 2023.

All submissions will be subject to the standard review process followed by the Review of Corporate Finance. All manuscripts must be original, unpublished works that are not concurrently under review for publication elsewhere.

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2023