17 Dec 2020

Support the British Journal of Management (BJM) in The Financial Times (FT) Top 50 Management Journals

On behalf of the British Academy of Management, I am writing to you to solicit your help to ensure that the British Journal of Management (BJM) achieves an important and well-deserved recognition: inclusion in the Financial Times (FT) top 50 leading management journals.

BJM is an official publication of the British Academy of Management.  BJM has been a leading journal in management publishing papers that reflect worldwide management issues and all management disciplines since 1990.  Importantly, BJM is a society journal, representing over 2000 members worldwide.  Society journals are governed by the society, representing the interests and best practices of academic integrity, inclusion, and diversity.  A wide array of special interest groups in BAM promote scholarly activities that foster research among BAM members. 

While we may be at times adverse to unusual metrics like binary lists, the FT list has nevertheless become important for business school rankings and the tenure and promotion of faculty.  Having society journals on the FT list is important to all academics.  Academic society representation ensures governance to the academic process.  And it reflects the interest of fair pricing of journals so that there is full access to our research contributions, without leaving some institutions - including European countries and select U.S. institutions, for example - unable to purchase the journal.  Some publishers on the FT list have been boycotted by various universities and even some countries due to their pricing policies.

At this survey link: https://survey.ft.com/jfe/form/SV_8qBwlr4MLqwwQaV you can express your views as to which journals should be retained, removed, and recommended to be considered for incorporation in the list. We strongly encourage you to participate in this survey.  Please consider adding the British Journal of Management as follows:

Please let me share some recent updates and statistics about BJM:

  • BJM was created in 1990. With contributions from around the globe, the journal publishes articles of a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary nature as well as empirical research across the full range of business and management disciplines.
  • BJM will receive over 700 submissions in 2020.  Submissions are growing significantly: in 2019, there were 533, and from 2016-2018 the average number of submissions was 423. Typically more than one-third of contact authors of accepted papers are based outside the UK.
  • BJM’s acceptance rate is less than 10%. 
  • BJM is rated 4 in the Academic Journal Guide (AJG) and A in the Australian ABDC journal quality list, higher ratings than some journals currently in the FT50.
  • BJM’s 2-year impact factor is 3.023.
  • BJM’s Google Scholar h5-index = 42, h5-median = 69. 
  • BJM published 284 manuscripts in the past 5 years (240 in issues plus 44 on Early View).
  • BJM has many innovative special issues in recent years, including a forthcoming special issue on Covid-19, management in extreme institutional environments, and entrepreneurial management, among others.  BJM welcomes special issue proposals from scholars worldwide.

With best wishes and thanks in anticipation for your support for our work.


Madeleine Barrows FRSA

CEO, British Academy of Management