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Impact of Ethical Leadership on Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior with mediating role of Intrinsic Motivation (182)

Author/s: Shahid Hafeez, Hafiz Fawad Ali

Track: Human Resource Management

Paper Type: Extended Abstract

Keywords: Ethical Leadership, Organizational commitment, Organizational citizenship behavior, intrinsic motivation

Abstract: Ethical leadership has emerged as a major area of interest in the recent leadership literature in the studies of organizational behavior. However, Studies are scant which empirically analyze ethical leadership effect on organizational commitment and citizenship behavior through the mediational mechanism. We developed a conceptual model to test whether ethical leadership affects organizational citizenship behavior and commitment through the mediating effect of intrinsic motivation. The study was quantitative and causal in nature, convenience sampling technique was used, and a sample size of 340 was determined through item response theory. Data was collected through self-administrated questionnaire from different commercial banks located in geographical premises of Lahore, Pakistan. SPSS and AMOS software was used to carry out the analysis, structural equational modeling technique was applied to test the direct and indirect impacts. The empirical results showed that Ethical leadership has a positive sign on the organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behavior, moreover, intrinsic motivation intervenes the relationship between ethical leadership and organizational citizenship behavior. However, results also show there is no mediational effect of intrinsic motivation between ethical leadership and organizational citizenship behavior.

Keywords: Ethical leadership, Organizational commitment, Organizational citizenship behavior, Intrinsic motivation, Banking sector, Pakistan

Paper type: Abstract

Human Resource Management

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