Funded Transitions 1 projects

The Transitions 1 Research Grant Scheme is aimed at Academy members who are early in their career who hold a PhD and wish to develop an empirical research project that advances business and management scholarship and improves their research capacities.


2019-Susan Mawer

To what extent can the works of Mary Parker Follett be found in modern management theory and practice to promote critical thinking to challenge and create new ideas, concepts and activities.

2019-Constantine Manolchev

Investigating Job Quality and Everyday Working Lives of Highly-Skilled and Low-Skilled Migrant Workers in the UK

2019-Simon Moralee

The professionalisation of medical leadership: from where to what next?

2019-Stoyan Stoyanov

Identity Adaptation and Network Embeddedness among Migrant Entrepreneurs



2017-Michelle Richey

Cross-Cultural Performances Of Failure: Gathering Evidence From An International Entrepreneurial Community

2017-Kieran Conroy

Training for Short Term International Assignees of Private Security Companies in Conflict Areas

2017-Muthu De Silva

The Effect of Capabilities of Service Sector Firms on Co-Creating Innovation with Supply Chain Partners

2017-Miral Metawie

An Examination of Human Capital Development and Employability Strategies Aimed at Achieving Labour Market Integration of Syrian Refugees in the UK



2015-John Lannon

Knowledge Sharing and Learning in International Non-governmental Organisation Alliances

2015-Philip Garnet

Taking Over Hillards

2015-Beverly Geesin

Organised resistance to precarity: the case of small scale commercial fishermen


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