Management Knowledge and Education

Management, Knowledge and Education (MKE) is pan-British Academy of Management. We support events, networking, the development of resources and dialogue within a collaborative community of practice. This community comprises academics, practitioners and policy-makers who are interested in management education. Within MKE we collectively explore, examine and co-construct innovative and progressive educational/teaching practice and scholarship within global Business / Management Schools.

The overarching goals of BAM MKE are:

  • To promote the centrality of the scholarship of teaching and learning in Business / Management Schools
  • To explore and establish the relevance of other forms of scholarship for education-focused academics
  • To provide a programme of development for BAM members to develop their own scholarship profile

We propose that the scholarship of teaching and learning and conventional basic research (the scholarship of discovery) should be valued equally in terms of the status, recognition, and reward for success. Our BAM MKE White Paper on Teaching and Scholarship Careers presents findings of our study into the support, development, and recognition that an education-focused career path receives in Business/Management Schools in UK Higher Education Institutions.

Our annual programme of events include:

In addition, we run events in such areas as:

  • “Meet the Editor”: Publishing Scholarship of Education
  • Supporting the development and achievement of education grant and award applications
  • "How to series" - designed to provide opportunities to collectively examine and co-construct understandings of, and approaches to, specific aspects of teaching practice, education and scholarship that might present challenges

We also have a growing repository of education scholarship with our BAM MKE teaching practice paper series and run a number of working groups, for example, ‘Inclusive Education’ and ‘Post-experience Education’.

Our events, networking, resources, and dialogue champion the value of our community and support greater impact for global teaching and learning. Download our MKE brochure HERE


Becoming an Education-Focused Professor Programme


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Education and Scholarship Paper Series


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