21 Feb 2024

This week, our former and current Vice Chairs for Management Knowledge and Education (MKE) - Professor Katy Mason, Professor Lisa Anderson, Professor Kate Black and Dr Ashley Roberts - published an essay in the British Journal of Management inaugural MKE section, giving “A Shout‐out for the Value of Management Education Research.

The essay argues that management education has been failing future leaders confronted with ‘a world in crises’ because of a lack of investment in management learning and education. The need for pedagogy and curriculum innovation is urgent, but it must be grounded in quality research and requires a further co-ordinated inquiry at university, Business School and course/classroom level, to generate exemplars and evidence of best practice.

Drawing on their own experience as researchers, educators and pedagogy developers, and as past and present vice-chairs of the Management Knowledge and Education initiative at the British Academy of Management, they call for learned societies, governments, and higher education institutions to invest in the supporting infrastructures needed to accelerate management learning and education and curriculum and pedagogy research and innovation.

Please read more here: “A Shout‐out for the Value of Management Education Research