23 Mar 2021

CMCE Showcase Event on Mindfulness, Mental Health and Magnificent Consultancy

Mindfulness, Mental Health and Magnificent Consultancy

The Centre for Management Consulting Excellence runs evening symposia we call Showcases whose purpose is to share leading edge thinking of interest in management consulting.  April’s Showcase is on 22 April and on the topic of mindfulness.  ​

With demanding clients, exhausting travel schedules, long hours and tight timescales, management consulting (and many other jobs!) can often be a high-pressure, high-stress environment that can take a toll on the consultant and inhibit their ability to deliver high value work. This virtual Showcase will teach you how mindfulness and some practical self-help techniques can help improve your ability to deliver excellent performance. You’ll also learn how to manage stress and live a happier and more balanced life whatever you do.

We are delighted to welcome two experts in their fields to share their knowledge and stimulate debate.

  • Constança Casquinho is Strategy Consulting and Mindfulness Professor at the Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal. A former consultant with McKinsey, she is an NLP master coach and holds an MBA from INSEAD. She combines the "hard" business skills and language with the "deep" self-awareness and mindfulness skills, optimally balanced in order to assist leadership and management learning and development.
  • Victoria Fellowes is an Executive Coach and a Human Capital Expert who is passionate about all things related to unlocking talent. She is the founder of StrideForth Executive Coaching and is on a mission to enable people to step up to their true potential. She is a sought out and highly powerful coach with a successful track record of accelerating client results by 30%-50% and a reputation amongst individuals and companies for transforming professionals into leaders and employees into high-performing talent.

Visit https://www.cmce.org.uk/event/cmce-virtual-showcase-mindfulness-mental-health-and-magnificent-consulting for more details and to book your place at this event.