27 Apr 2021

IB/IM SIG Newsletter April 2021

Dear IB/IM SIG members,

On behalf of the SIG, I am very excited to share one exciting piece of news about Prof Haina Zhang.

Prof Haina Zhang, the co-chair of the IB/IM SIG, was announced as the next Head of the University of Aberdeen Business School. She will assume the role in August 2021.

Currently, Prof Haina Zhang is a Chair in Management in the Business School and the Director of Internationalisation for the Aberdeen Business School. She has led a wide range of international research projects involving collaborations with overseas institutions and businesses and has also published research findings in world-recognised journals as well as serving in editorial roles across high-impact international journals.

You can refer to the website link for more information. https://www.abdn.ac.uk/news/14841/

Congratulations on Prof. Haina Zhang’s achievement!

Best regards,

Dr Yanghong Hu, Communication Officer of the BAM IB/IM SIG