25 Mar 2021

Vice Chair Elections 2022-2023

The Co-Vice Chairs of four portfolios will reach the ends of their terms of office in December 2021, and so we are calling for nominations for the following roles to serve as Vice Chairs and Trustees/Directors of BAM from January 2022:

  • Research and Publications
  • MKE
  • Academic Affairs of Conference and Capacity Building
  • SIGs

Mark Loon (MKE) and Savvas Papagiannidis (SIGs) are both eligible to stand for a second term of office.
We are immensely grateful for the huge amount of work the current Vice Chairs do in order to manage and develop BAM. 

Current and former members of BAM Council are eligible to stand for election as Vice Chair and may be nominated by any current BAM member.

We expect the incoming Vice Chairs to shadow the work of the incumbents from the summer of this year and they will begin their two-year terms of office on 1st January 2022.

The Executive meets formally 6 times a year, with additional informal meetings roughly every fortnight and some correspondence in between; they also run their sub-committees. These are very much ‘hands-on’ roles, but are an exciting opportunity to help shape BAM’s future.

Please note that Vice Chairs are appointed as Trustees and Directors of BAM and therefore must be eligible to serve in this capacity and be registered with the Charity Commission and at Companies House.

The incoming Vice Chair/s for Research & Publication will need to lead the re-negotiation of our journals publishing contract and so we particularly welcome candidates with relevant experience and knowledge.

More information about the portfolios is contained here.

The current Vice Chairs will be pleased to discuss the roles with prospective candidates and I will be very happy to answer any questions.

Council has endorsed the following procedure for the conduct of the elections, which will be held during May.

  1. Nominations may be made of either individuals or team tickets of a maximum of two people. Vice Chairs must then serve on the basis on which they were elected (i.e. either as an individual or as a team of two).
  2. Canvassing for votes of any sort – whether directly by the candidate or indirectly by others – is not permitted for reasons of fairness. All candidates will have prepared a statement setting out their qualifications and intentions, which will be published on the BAM website, and it is expected that those voting will engage with the quality of those proposals alone.
  3. Voting will take place through an online, secure system.

Eligible members who wish to stand should seek a nominator and complete the attached nominations form including statement of candidacy, which will be published on the BAM website. Completed nominations should be returned to Madeleine Barrows at [email protected] by 9am on Friday 16th April 2021.