26 May 2021

International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM) Monthly Bulletin – May 2021

Our new President, President Elect and other members of the Executive Committee (Treasurer, VP Conferences, and VP Communication) started their terms in April. Unfortunately the Treasurer has since resigned and has been temporarily replaced by Yvon Pesqueux as acting treasurer.


The General Assembly (GA) has also elected three new Vice-Presidents (VPs) as members of the Executive Committee.  These are Andre Luiz Maranhao de Souza-Leao as VP Education, Lee Lu as VP Practice and Silviya Svejenova as VP Research who will start their two-year terms on 17 June. We have now started the search for a new VP Governance, VP New Membership and Treasurer.


The Council (now relabelled as General Assembly) had its annual meeting on May 10.  The 2021 revised budget, internal supervisor’s report 2019-2020, statutory changes for the federation’s incorporation, and position statement on management research (calling for engaged and decent scholarship) were approved, and the President’s report discussed. The GA position statement will be released later this month.

We are delighted that the General Assembly (GA) subsequently approved by electronic ballot the admission of two new members to IFSAM: the Association Sénégalaise des Sciences de Gestion (ASSG) which joins from Sénégal as an associate member, alongside Academia de Ciencias Administrativas (ACACIA) from Mexico who returns to the federation as a full member.


The fifth webinar in our very successful series on management research quality evaluation was held.  This webinar featured some fantastic speakers and some very lively and interesting discussion.


Summaries of all of our webinars are available in our Conversation Letters page. This month we will also publish Conversation Letter 4 on the fourth webinar of our series on management research quality evaluation.


If you have any questions or want to get in touch with IFSAM, please contact us at: [email protected]


The British Academy of Management has recently re-joined IFSAM as a member.